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Winstrol 20mg (100 units)


Stanozolol or “Winstrol” is a highly effective lean muscle mass steroid. GeneX Winstrol is highly effective in providing fast results.

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About Winstrol:

Looking to buy Winstrol in Canada? Genex Winstrol is often used as a cutting agent due to its clean look when used in conjunction with a quality diet and fitness routine. Winstrol is a “dry” agent in comparison to its more aggressive counterparts which often add 10+ pounds of water-related weight to its user. Due to Winstrol’s inability to convert into estrogen, an anti-estrogen additive is not needed when using this steroid and better yet, gynecomastia is not a concern due to the compound nature of Winstrol. If taken orally, liver toxicity levels should be monitored. However, Winstrol is also available in an injectable format to prevent the first-pass damage to the user’s liver. Often added to a testosterone cycle, Winstrol can prove to be very useful, enhancing clean muscle results. For cutting phases, Winstrol can be combined with a non-aromatizing androgen such as trenbolone or Halotestin. For bulking purposes, a stronger androgen like testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol is usually added.

Recommended Dosage:

Bodybuilding: 20 – 60 mg/day for 4 – 6 weeks

Male: 20 – 60 mg/day for 4 – 6 weeks

Female: 5 – 10 mg/day for 4 – 6 weeks

Shipping Information: 
We will ship Genex Winstrol in a safe and secure manner. Your product will be contained within medical-grade semi-rigid or rigid packaging. If you are considering to buy Winstrol in Canada, you have come to the right place.

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