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Deca 300mg/ml (10ml)


Equipoise 300mg/ml (10ml)

Equipoise 300 New
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NPP 100mg/ml (10ml)


NPP 100mg/ml (10ml)


Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is better known as “NPP”. It is essentially fast acting Deca-Durabolin; therefore, it needs to be injected more frequently to sustain stable levels. Daily or every-other-day injections are highly recommended. Genex prides itself in accurately dosing its products and tests every batch. Rest assured that when your order from us, you’re getting highly quality, premium NPP that is guaranteed to reach or exceed your expectations. Place your order now!

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About NPP:

Looking to buy NPP? Genex NPP also known as (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Durabolin). One of the largest draws to use NPP 100 is that there’s little to no water retention yet it still lubricates joints. Nandrolone promotes the tissue-building processes, prevents muscle destruction and stimulates red blood cell production. This makes it highly sought after for anyone looking to make quality gains. Overall NPP 100 is very safe. Like with Deca, we always recommend combo it with Testosterone and running follow-up PCT. Great for both bulking and cutting cycles, NPP is perfect for your next cycle when the time comes. When compared to Deca, NPP is fast-acting and requires three doses per week. When you’ve completed your cycle it is out of your system in 2 weeks following your transformation.

Recommended Dosage NPP 100:

Bodybuilding: 400-800/week as needed on cycle

Male: 300 – 400/week as needed on cycle

Female: 50 – 100/week as needed on cycle

Shipping Information: 

Once you buy our NPP we will ship in a safe and secure manner. Your product will be contained within medical-grade semi-rigid or rigid packaging.

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