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Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml (10ml)


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Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml (10ml)


Testosterone Cypionate 250mg/ml (10ml)


Testosterone Cypionate helps build and sustain muscle, aids in recovery, and increases libido. Each bottle is accurately dosed and all batches are tested before being shipped for your peace of mind. Made in Canada for Canadians. Fast and discrete shipping. Order now!

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About Testosterone Cypionate:

Looking to buy Testosterone Cypionate online in Canada? We got you covered! Testosterone Cypionate is a staple of any anabolic steroid cycle or TRT regimen. Increasing testosterone in men to healthy levels will help build and keep muscle, improve energy and boost libido. Expect an improvement in the gym and bedroom, not to mention a better overall quality of life.

Testosterone Cypionate can be injected once per week; however, we still recommend injecting twice per week to maintain a more stable level of testosterone. If you absolutely hate injecting, then once a week is sufficient with Testosterone Cypionate, while not recommend with the Enanthate or Propionate esters.

Since Testosterone Cypionate aromatizes, it is important to note that injecting large amounts may cause estrogenic side effects. To control estrogen on a larger dose of testosterone, a AI (aromatizing inhibitor) may be required. We highly recommend purchasing either Arimidex or Aromasin. Every individual aromatizes differently, so an AI should not be used until high estrogen side effects become apparent. When using a lower dose of Testosterone Cypionate, such as in the case of a TRT regimen, the need for an AI is unlikely to be required.

All our Testosterone Cypionate is carefully formulated to ensure accurate dosing and then batch tested to make sure that it’s safe for use. When you order from Genex, you’re guaranteed a safe and premium product every time!

Recommended Dosage:

TRT: 75-100mg bi-weekly OR 150-200mg weekly

Bodybuilding: 250-400mg bi-weekly

Shipping Information: 
After you Buy Testosterone Cypionate from Genex, we will ship in a safe and secure manner to anywhere in Canada. Your product will be contained within discrete medical-grade, semi-rigid, or rigid packaging.

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